• Moose Tunes for Kids DVD by Brent Holmes - Silly Wildlife Music

Moose Tunes for Kids! DVD by Marty the Moose & Brent Holmes - Children's Music Sung by Animals



Moose Tunes for Kids is one of the best selling children's CDs in North America. Now you and your children can watch live moose in the wild on this DVD while listening to your favorite Moose Tunes! You'll see bull moose with their enormous antlers. You'll view cow moose and cute little moose calves. In the comfort of your own home or vehicle you'll be able to watch moose swimming, walking, running, sleeping, eating and playing. And it's all accompanied by the fine vocal talents of Marty the Moose and Brent Holmes!

Genre: Kids/Family: General Children's Music

About Brent Holmes- The Recording Artist Brent is one of the best selling children’s recording artists in the United States. Parent’s Choice described his music as “Some of the prettiest and some of the silliest children’s songs ever recorded”. His fun and educational CDs and DVDs are sold in gift shops all over the United States, Canada and parts of the Caribbean. Over the last twelve years he has released ten CDs and four DVDs on his Fun Tunes for Kids record label. Each of his award winning line of children's CD's was produced by Emmy nominee Dave Hoffner. They all feature at least twelve highly original songs and most of the CDs have an educational spoken track at the end. His gentle voice and highly creative songs have helped his recordings become “The Children’s Music that Adults Adore” because both children and adults love his music. It all began one night, several years ago, when Brent dreamed that there was a cow in his grandmother’s kitchen. As a result of that dream he wrote his first children’s song called “The Cows In The Kitchen At Grandma’s House”. Soon thereafter he decided to record an entire CD about cows. “Cow Tunes For Kids” was his first release in 1996 and his first customer was the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory in Vermont. The CD was so well received that he followed it with ‘Moose Tunes For Kids” and the Fun Tunes For Kids label was born. Over the past thirteen years Fun Tunes for Kids has become the foremost children’s label in the U.S. gift market. Brent resides in Nashville, Tennessee where he writes, records and runs Fun Tunes for Kids. A portion of the sales from Fun Tunes for Kids goes to Beyond Borders, a non profit charity that helps teach literacy to underprivileged children inHaiti

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