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Native American Jewelry - Sterling Silver and Cultured Opal Turtle Ring Size 8.5 - Hand Made in USA

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Native American .925 Sterling Silver Turtle Ring with Opal stone. Size 8.5

Animal Symbolism of the Turtle

  • Order
  • Creation
  • Patience
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Longevity
  • Innocence
  • Endurance
  • Protection
Because of its seemingly wide-eyed, long-lived, carefree attitude the turtle is often thought to be the wisest of souls among the animal kingdom. We would all do well to take this as a lesson and move at our own pace as the turtle does. Furthermore, the turtle takes its wisdom one day at a time - not reacting, simply accepting and moving on in its natural methods. Again, this is a powerful analogy for humankind, and we would benefit from adopting the same behavior pattern.

Opal is one of the Birthstones for October: Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) and Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Please NOTE: Natural Opal is mined in Australia. Opal is considered a precious gem, which can be very expensive. Therefore, people have found a way to use the same components and create a “laboratory grown” exact Opal. It is difficult to see a difference between “laboratory grown” Opal and “natural Opal”. And to keep our jewelry affordable, all of our Opal pieces are “laboratory grown”. So … “Save the Real Opal – Use Laboratory Grown!”

Known as “The Gem of the Gods,” Opal has always had a mystical significance. It is said to aid in psychic vision and to have the power to open the spiritual centers. As a curative stone, Opal was believed to heighten weak emotions and to strengthen the memory. During the time of Queen Elizabeth, Opal was written “ophal.” Some believe the name was derived from the word “opthalmos” meaning, “the eye.” Thus, in ancient times, Opal was said to be intimately connected with a belief in the Evil Eye. Over the years, a superstition developed which said the stone caused ill luck if gazed upon. In contrast, another folktale of a later date, suggests that looking at Opal is actually good for the eyes. At one time, this stone was considered the gem of love. Opal could reverse its lucky effects for those who lacked fidelity, however, bestowing unfortunate circumstances upon unfaithful lovers. The above is from “Ancient Legends of Gems and Jewels”, created by Alda Marian Jangl and James Francis Jangl.

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