• Amber and Sterling Silver Link Bracelet - Native American Made

Sterling Silver and Amber Link Bracelet - Hand Made Jewelry by Native Americans in the USA



Amber is one of the most interesting and storied gem "stones" around. Not technically a "stone," it is actually the fossilized sap from prehistoric trees. Early physicians thought that amber would help headaches, heart problems and arthritis, among other ailments. Travelers carried it for protection and early Christians felt it signified the presence of the Lord. The far East has its own tradition: amber as the symbol for courage and the "soul of the tiger." Egyptians put a piece of amber in the deceased's coffin to guarantee the body would remain intact. But wait!! There's more!! The 15 pieces of amber in this 6-1/8" long bracelet could help promote a carefree, sunny disposition. At 1/4" wide, it could bring good luck and success. And at 23.3 grams, dissolving oppositions is a no-brainer! What more could a person ask for? Maybe adjustable? Well, you've got it with two loops on the clasp for a looser or tighter fit. This is the bracelet!

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