• Kids' Electric Train T-Shirts - Made in USA

Kids' Electric Train T-Shirt - Made in USA



Our train graphic tees all feature very soft t-shirt material. We are talking about 100% American ring spun cotton that is made in the USA by American Apparel. Our shirts are printed in USA using direct to garment (DTG) printing technology. With DTG the printed image is just as smooth as the rest of the unprinted areas of the shirt! In addition, we are able to use eco friendly water based inks and still deliver brilliant colors with smooth contrasts. The Electric Train t-shirt is a train that is inspired by the fast trains found in the northeast US and overseas. We are talking about the Amtrak Acela, Bullet Train, TGV, and other fast electric trains. These are not as well known to kids and toddlers that do not live in areas that have a fast train service. When kids see these for the first time, though, they like them right away. There is a different kind of power and sense of awe with these machines. Because they are so sleek and modern looking they invoke thoughts about the future and even space travel. Our boys’ train shirts are intended to capture a bit of this feeling. Have you ever traveled on the TGV and just been AMAZED at how fast bridges and telephone poles are swooshing by when it gets up to top speed?? Yes, it is really something! If you have been looking for boys’ clothes and toddler boys’ clothes with awesome train designs we have you covered. The electric train shirt showcases our version of the electric train at high speed with sparks flying from the pantograph. One thing is for sure, this is one awesome train t-shirt! We are here to provide to you a great line of kids’ graphic tees for the vehicle lover in your family. We have a great lineup for the kids and toddlers featuring realistic designs of their favorite vehicles shown in motion. Our line is a huge hit with the toddler boys that love anything transportation or construction related. We have a great selection of vehicle designs from the highway to the construction site to the farm and even the railway! If you are looking for boys’ clothes and toddler boys’ clothes with a transportation theme you have come to the right place. **Included on all orders of 3+ Vehicle Tees** Our custom packaging options are very impressive and really wow the socks off the kids and toddlers that love vehicles. In most cases these beautiful boxes not only serve to deliver the gift with style but they often live on as a place for kids to keep collectibles. This is available for an assortment of 3 or more vehicle t-shirts only.

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