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Kids' Space Shuttle Rocket T-Shirt - Made in USA




Rockets of all kinds are always an inspiration to kids and our very own (here in the USA) Space Shuttle is awesome! Every kid wants to be an astronaut at some point or other...I know I sure did! I remember a pajama set I had when I was around 10 years old that was a space suit design. I loved it! I hope that this tee design is a hit with the kids that love these awesome outer space going machines. If you are looking for that perfect made in USA tee for that space and rocket loving boy then you have just found it!

If you have been looking for boys clothes and toddler boys clothes we have you covered. Our t-shirts all feature very soft material so they are comfortable right out of the box. Kids (like ours) that fuss about shirts needing to be washed to be comfortable will be amazed. We are talking about 100% American ring spun cotton made in the USA by American Apparel. This means brilliant colors and contrasts and smooth prints with no edges. This is all achieved while using water based eco friendly ink. Our t-shirts are all made with very soft t-shirt material. We are talking about 100% American ring spun cotton and made right here in the USA by American Apparel. Printed in USA using direct to garment (DTG) printing technology. the printed image is just as smooth as the rest of the unprinted areas of the shirt! This is all accomplished with eco friendly water based inks. We are here to provide to you a great line of kids’ graphic tees for the vehicle lover in your family. We have a great lineup for the kids and toddlers featuring realistic designs of their favorite vehicles shown in motion. Our line is a huge hit with the toddler boys that love anything transportation or construction related. We have a great selection of vehicle designs from the highway to the construction site to the farm and even the railway! If you are looking for boys’ clothes and toddler boys’ clothes with a transportation theme you have come to the right place. **Included on all orders of 3+ Vehicle Tees** Our custom packaging options are very impressive and really wow the socks off the kids and toddlers that love vehicles. In most cases these beautiful boxes not only serve to deliver the gift with style but they often live on as a place for kids to keep collectibles. This is available for an assortment of 3 or more vehicle t-shirts only.

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