• Native American Scrimshaw Dreamcatcher Bone Pendant - Sterling Silver

Native American Scrimshaw Dream Catcher Bone Pendant - Sterling Silver - Hand Made in USA



Everyone loves dreamcatchers. This scrimshaw original is on genuine shed antler by Pierce & Company. It is hallmarked M. SPENCER and Sterling on the back. The pendant also has wonderful silver stamping on the bale. This pendant weighs 17.7 grams. The width is 1 1/4″ at its widest point. The length is 1 7/8" including the bale. The main pendant is 1 1/4" square. This scrimshaw artwork is signed on the front. How to care for scrimshaw Your scrimshaw is created with India ink rubbed into etchings on the surface. Care must be taken not to get it wet or wear it where abrasion is constant. A coat of clear enamel is put on the pendants to take extra wear. Do not wear scrimshaw in the show, while washing dishes, etc., and do not rub its surface if it is wet.

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