• Sterling Silver and Inlay Cuff Bracelet Hallmarked DRF JR - Handmade in the state of New Mexico

Sterling Silver and Inlay Cuff Bracelet Hallmarked DRF JR - Handmade in the state of New Mexico



This sterling silver cuff bracelet is absolutely incredible. This bracelet combines wonderful silver work, matchstick and traditional inlay and every color imaginable. It is hallmarked inside DRF JR and Sterling. The stones and shells set in this beautiful design are spiny oyster, turquoise, lapis, mother of pearl, jet, gaspeite, abalone, and made made opal. The silver is stamped around all the stone work and inside the cuff. Just gorgeous.

This bracelet weighs 102.8 grams. The inner bracelet circumference measures approximately 5 5/8", plus a 1-1/2" opening. The cuff's width is 1 1/2" throughout. The matchstick inlay is 3/4" wide on both sides of the center. The center inlay measures 5/8" x 5/8". What a fantastic bracelet!

A cuff bracelet is a bracelet that is rigid, has no clasp, but has a gap, an open portion that allows you to slip the bracelet over your wrist. The best way to get a good fit is to measure a cuff bracelet you already have that fits you well and look for a bracelet with those dimensions. The total inside circumference is the inside circumference of the bracelet from end to end plus the gap (the distance between the ends). This is the best way. Measuring with string or ribbon just doesn't work that well.

There is also an art to putting on and taking off a cuff bracelet. To put one on, curve your left hand over the top of the bracelet. In one movement, press the lower edge of the bracelet into the soft area on the underside of your wrist where your tendons and veins show and roll the bracelet over the top of your wrist. To remove a bracelet, first press the edge nearest you into the underside of your wrist and the roll the bracelet back off your wrist toward you. With a little practice, you will see how easy this technique is.

Caution! Stone inlay bracelets are not adjustable - attempting to change the size or shape of an inlay bracelet will likely result in loose or lost stone pieces. The following is a guide for sizing a non-adjustable cuff: Baby/Child - Fits up to a 4 1/4" wrist Youth/Teen - Fits a 4 3/8" to a 5 1/4 wrist Small - Fits a 5 3/8" wrist to 6 1/4" wrist Medium - Fits from a 6 3/8" to a 7 1/4" wrist Large - Fits from a 7 3/8" to an 8" wrist Extra Large - Fits over 8" wrist

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