• Sterling Silver, Turquoise and Bamboo Coral Native American Cuff Bracelet by Navajo Artist Rew Dineh - Handmade in the state of New Mexico

Sterling Silver, Turquoise and Bamboo Coral Native American Cuff Bracelet by Navajo Artist Rew Dineh - Handmade in the state of New Mexico



This Sterling, Turquoise and Bamboo Coral cuff bracelet is such an incredible silver design. Each bamboo piece is set in a smooth bevel while the turquoise is set in a smooth bevel surrounded by silver roping. The 11 stones are in a flower shape with the turquoise in the center. Though the stones are a eye catcher, the silver work is what sets this bracelet apart from the rest. Red bamboo coral is still used today as a protective talisman against evil spirits. It is often given as a necklace to young children; it can be worn by children to prevent accidents and falls. It is said to bring luck to the home, and used as a protector for those who work on or near the water. Red bamboo coral has been used in rituals of the sea as well as love and fertility spells. It can be worn to banish fear, nervousness, anxiety and even nightmares. Wear it when traveling over water. Green turquoise has been coveted for its use in jewelry for thousands of years due to its beauty and spiritual properties, and has been particularly prized throughout Native American cultures. Green turquoise is formed by the presence of iron in Mother Nature's complex process that forms turquoise over a million years. Green turquoise can come in a wide variety of hues, ranging from bright green to ocean green to forest green to all sorts of wonderful blue-green shades. A few pieces of green turquoise jewelry can add a wonderful dimension of organic beauty to anyone's jewelry collection. This bracelet weighs 68.3 grams. The inner bracelet circumference measures approximately 6 ", plus a 1 1/8" opening. The cuff's width is 1 1/4" on the ends and measuring 1 1/2" in the center. Each bamboo piece is 3/16" tall x 2/16" wide. The green turquoise measures 1/4" long by 1/2" wide.

A cuff bracelet is a bracelet that is rigid, has no clasp, but has a gap, an open portion that allows you to slip the bracelet over your wrist. The best way to get a good fit is to measure a cuff bracelet you already have that fits you well and look for a bracelet with those dimensions. The total inside circumference is the inside circumference of the bracelet from end to end plus the gap (the distance between the ends). This is the best way. Measuring with string or ribbon just doesn't work that well.

There is also an art to putting on and taking off a cuff bracelet. To put one on, curve your left hand over the top of the bracelet. In one movement, press the lower edge of the bracelet into the soft area on the underside of your wrist where your tendons and veins show and roll the bracelet over the top of your wrist. To remove a bracelet, first press the edge nearest you into the underside of your wrist and the roll the bracelet back off your wrist toward you. With a little practice, you will see how easy this technique is.

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